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Providing Direct Mental health Services to Students

The Student Mental Health Foundation

No One Should Have to Struggle Alone

College students across the nation are facing a major health crisis. Over 80% of students stated that they have experienced a mental health disorder in the last 18 months.

The need for treatment, education, support and funding for mental health programs specifically designed for college students has never been greater.

making a difference

Why We Are Different.

With 90% of our funding going directly to providing students mental health services, we do much more than create awareness campaigns. Students across the region are suffering and parents are struggling to find quality, effective mental health services for their loved ones. The Student Mental Health Foundation answers a struggling student’s call and gets them services immediately. Our network of specialized mental health clinicians across the region are able to provide treatment within 6 hours.

We also meet students outside of the therapy room, on campus. This allows us to work with those struggling in their home environment which leads to better treatment outcomes when combined with traditional in-office therapy.

how we help

What is the SMHF doing?

The Student Mental Health Foundation works to provide students direct treatment, form student mental health chapters on campuses across the region, advocate for better mental health treatment services becoming available to students and conduct research to help aid our mission in eliminating the mental health crisis spreading through our schools. 90% of all funding raised goes to providing direct-to-student services in the form of discrete, confidential therapy, coaching and skills training. 


Students simply do not have access to effective, high-quality treatment services. The SMHF’s main purpose is to get students the help they need both inside and outside the therapy room.


As the stigma of mental health disorders continues to be prevalent in today’s society, the SMHF works to eliminate this stigma and encourage an open dialogue about mental health.


The SMHF works to advocate for specialized services becoming available to students at schools across the region. 


With more data comes better treatment outcomes. The SMHF utilizes data to improve treatment efficacy and program outcomes.

From Our Founder

Students Need Help

After working with countless students across this country, I have seen the struggles that face our nation’s youth. College students are suffering every day and, in turn, their families are struggling alongside them. Parents and loved ones do not know where to turn when their child is going through a mental health crisis.

As someone who struggled with mental health issues during my college career, I know how difficult it can be to get answers and find treatment.

Throughout my own treatment process, I realized that there are thousands of students experiencing the same issues and most of these students felt they had nowhere to turn.

I started the Student Mental Health Foundation to make sure no student will ever have to struggle alone.


Dr. Cullen Hardy

University of Notre Dame ’09



of students report a diagnosable mental health condition in the past 12 months.


of parents worry that they will not be able to access the mental health services their child needs.

The average number of days a student waits for an appointment with a mental health therapist.

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