How You Can Help


Want to help with our mission? That’s GREAT! There are a variety of ways you can help!

Join us as we strive to ensure that no student has to struggle alone.

Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook offers a fully integrated fundraising platform that makes it easy for you to help us achieve our mission!

Every dollar raised will help the Student MentalĀ  Health Foundation save lives, build stronger families and communities and help those who need it most.

To Create a Facebook Fundraiser:

  1. Click fundraiser heart coinFundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed. You may need to click See More.
  2. Click + Raise Money.
  3. Select Nonprofit or Charity.
  4. Select a charitable organization (Student Mental Health Foundation), fill in the fundraiser details and choose a cover photo.
  5. Click Create.


There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available. Please contact us at for details.


Be the Change

By simply spreading awareness about mental health issues YOU are helping change the world. Reach out to a friend or loved one you think is struggling and let them know that help IS out there.

Let’s Work Together to Make a Change
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